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Bingley Festival 23

Step into a world of musical enchantment at Bingley Festival 2023, where the magic of music, culture, and camaraderie intertwines to create a weekend that will linger in your soul long after the last note fades away. This year's festival brought an electrifying mix of artists that left us spellbound from start to finish.


As the sun dipped below the horizon on Friday, the festival grounds came alive with an eclectic mix of people exploring the wonders of the place. Delectable aromas from the myriad food stalls, the clinking of glasses at the bustling bars, and the vibrant hues of vintage clothes stalls set the stage for an epic adventure.


The surprises began early on Saturday with The Lancashire Hotpots, a band previously unheard of, but within moments, they had us all dancing and laughing. Their music was an infectious cocktail of hilarity, catchiness, and boundless energy, making it impossible not to fall under their spell.



























As the day unfolded, the Discovery Stage proved its worth with explosive performances from Somebody's Child and Black Honey, injecting the air with their raw passion and magnetic presence.


But it was the headliners that took us to a whole new realm of nostalgia. Noel Gallagher, a living legend, charmed us all with his cheeky banter, taking us on a journey through his musical evolution, from High Flying Birds to timeless Oasis classics. The crowd was a sea of hands raised high, singing in unison, and the night was alive with pure euphoria.


Sunday dawned with a sense of renewed anticipation. The Lottery Winners, not to be overlooked, delivered a set that overflowed with energy, capturing hearts and igniting dance moves in every direction. The Zutons brought their indie cult classics to life, weaving a tapestry of sound that pulled us in like a magnet, refusing to let us go.


As the sun set, James Bay, the troubadour with a golden voice, took us on a sonic journey of introspection and reflection. His mellifluous melodies washed over the audience, offering a respite from the whirlwind of emotions that had carried us throughout the weekend.


Finally, Travis, the unexpected yet bold choice for a Sunday night headliner, proved their mettle with a set that exuded indie coolness. 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me?' was a perfect anthem for a weekend filled with emotional highs and lows.


Bingley Festival 2023 was more than just a music event; it was an immersive experience that embraced the eclectic, the wild, and the unexpected. From the hidden gems at the Discovery Stage to the iconic legends commanding the Main Stage, the festival's allure was undeniable.

As the closing chords echoed into the night, we were left with hearts full of joy and memories to treasure. Bingley Festival had woven its enchantment around us, leaving us yearning for more. Until we reunite next year, we'll cherish the unique moments that made Bingley Festival 2023 a magical journey of discovery, connection, and the power of music to unite us all.

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Bingley Weekender Preview!


Get ready for an unforgettable weekend at Bingley Festival, where music enthusiasts will be treated to an extraordinary lineup from Thursday to Sunday!

On the festival's opening night, Thursday, get ready for a trip back in time as the Happy Mondays take the stage. Known for their blend of alternative rock and dance, this iconic Manchester band promises an electric performance that will set the tone for an unforgettable weekend.

Moving on to Friday, you'll be blown away by the legendary Noel Gallagher, the former Oasis frontman, whose iconic voice and timeless classics are sure to captivate the audience. Joining him on the same stage earlier that day will be the incredibly talented indie musician, Jake Bugg, whose unique sound and heartfelt lyrics have earned him a devoted following. And as if that wasn't enough, the fabulous Kate Nash will grace the stage with her infectious energy and empowering anthems.

Saturday is a day not to be missed, especially for all the dads in the audience and Stone Roses fans out there, as Ian Brown takes the spotlight. His solo career has been nothing short of remarkable, and his stage presence is a sight to behold. Joining him on the main stage earlier will be the legendary Indie Icons Razorlight, who will bring their anthemic hits to life, and The Cribs, known for their high-energy and crowd-pleasing performances.












Finally, on Sunday, get ready for an emotional journey as James Bay graces the stage. His soulful voice and heartfelt ballads are bound to tug at your heartstrings. The upcoming band, The Lottery Winners, will also be showcasing their talent on Sunday, with their rising popularity and infectious melodies sure to leave a lasting impression.

And to close out the festival with a bang, Sunday's headline performances from Travis and they will undoubtedly deliver an epic show, filling the air with their timeless hits and anthems.

The heart of Bingley will be transformed into a haven for music lovers and festival-goers alike. From the legendary acts to the emerging stars, Bingley Festival promises to be an electrifying and diverse musical extravaganza that will leave you with cherished memories. So mark your calendars and get ready for an exciting weekend full of music, fun, and community spirit!

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about-faces - 8th July @ Lending Room Leeds

about-faces: A Mesmerizing Display of Chemistry and Talent at Lending Room, Leeds


On the 8th of July, the Lending Room in Leeds was transformed into a haven of musical brilliance as about-faces took to the stage for their highly anticipated headline gig. From the moment the band appeared under the warm glow of stage lights, an electrifying energy permeated the air, and it was clear that something truly extraordinary was about to unfold.


The band wasted no time in setting the tone for the night. With the first chord strung and the first drum hit, a powerful wave of sound surged through the venue, enveloping every attendee in a captivating sonic embrace. The rich tapestry of melodies and rhythms was masterfully woven, instantly drawing everyone into the world of about-faces. Smiles adorned the faces of the audience members, unified in their shared delight at the sheer talent and passion on display.


As the performance unfolded, it was evident that about-faces had perfected their craft to an astonishing degree. Every song was delivered with impeccable professionalism and an incredible stage presence that commanded attention. From the softest ballads to the most energetic anthems, the band effortlessly navigated the spectrum of emotions, leaving the audience spellbound throughout.


The setlist was a carefully curated journey, offering both familiar favorites and unreleased gems to savor. New songs like 'River' showcased the band's growth and willingness to push creative boundaries, while their debut single 'Under The Sun' served as a powerful anchor, reminding everyone why about-faces had rapidly become a name to remember in the music scene.


Frontman Sennen Ludman, a mesmerizing force of nature, stood tall at the heart of the performance. His magnetic stage presence and boundless energy made it feel as if he was performing on the hallowed Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury, even in the intimate setting of the Lending Room. Every lyric and note he delivered was imbued with raw emotion and conviction, drawing the audience into an intimate connection that transcended the physical boundaries of the venue.


The dynamic vocal interplay between Sennen and Danielle added another layer of enchantment to the performance. Their harmonies intertwined effortlessly, creating an ethereal and hypnotic atmosphere that held the room captive. Each song was a testament to the band's artistic depth, exploring themes of love, loss, and self-discovery, leaving the audience reflecting on their own journeys.


Despite some of the songs being heard for the first time, the crowd responded with unwavering enthusiasm. Every soul in the room became entangled in the web of emotion spun by the band. During the heartfelt rendition of 'Under The Sun,' something remarkable happened that added an indelible chapter to the night's story: many of the audience members spontaneously held up white flags in a display of support and admiration for the band. It was a poignant moment of unity, symbolizing the powerful connection between artist and audience that transcends words.


As the final notes echoed through the venue, the air was charged with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and awe. about-faces had not just delivered a gig; they had orchestrated a captivating journey of emotion and music that left a profound impact on everyone present. Their performance at the Lending Room was nothing short of extraordinary, a testament to the band's undeniable talent, unparalleled chemistry, and unwavering dedication to their craft.


With each passing gig, about-faces cements their place as an emerging powerhouse in the music industry, and their mesmerizing display of chemistry and talent in Leeds on the 8th of July only reaffirmed that they are destined for greatness. As they continue to craft their sonic artistry and connect with audiences on a profound level, it's evident that about-faces' journey has only just begun, promising an exciting future filled with more captivating performances and soul-stirring music for their ever-growing fanbase.

Some Incredible New Release Listening Recommendations From The Team At Livestock Studios In No Particular Order…02/07/2023

1. Coach Party - "What’s The Point In Life":

Coach Party's EP, "What’s The Point In Life," released on 11th July, takes listeners on a philosophical journey through existential themes, tinged with a raw and angsty edge. The crashing drums and energetic, angry guitar work together to create a captivating and thought-provoking listening experience. As the band embraces their signature angsty style, they skillfully blend deep philosophical musings with a sense of frustration and questioning. This fusion results in a cathartic release that invites introspection while fueling a powerful sense of emotion.


2. Far Caspian - "Pool":

As part of their album 'The Last Remaining Light,' released on 14th July, Far Caspian's track "Pool" offers a tranquil and melancholic ambiance. The mostly instrumental piece weaves a sense of nostalgia, transporting listeners to a bittersweet place of reminiscence. Mesmerizing vocals intermittently grace the track, adding a touch of ethereal beauty to the overall composition. The emotional depth and drama in "Pool" make it a captivating sonic journey that lingers long after the music ends.


3. Wargasm (UK) - "Do It So Good":

On 14th July, Wargasm (UK) unleashed their intense and vibrant single, "Do It So Good." The band fearlessly blends heavy rock with techno elements, resulting in a sound that is both unique and enthralling. Fueled by anger and power, this dynamic track commands attention from the very first note. The two-piece band's energetic delivery ensures that "Do It So Good" is perfect for unleashing energy and dancing with abandon, while their bold and distinct sound reflects the essence of their band name.


4. Yard Act - "The Trench Coat Museum":

Emerging as an upcoming northern band, Yard Act makes a bold statement with their undeniably catchy single, "The Trench Coat Museum," released on 12th July. With a riveting baseline that demands attention, the band's unapologetic embrace of their northern roots adds authenticity to the music. The furious drums intensify the overall energetic and angry energy, creating a compelling listening experience that leaves a lasting impression.


5. about-faces - "Under The Sun":

Released on 5th July, about-faces' single, "Under The Sun," showcases a perfect harmony of angelic vocals from Danielle and the more gritty vocals of Sennen. The track exudes catchiness and euphoria, capturing the essence of about-faces' musical identity. The clever and poetic lyrics add depth to the composition, elevating it to a form of artistry that goes beyond a mere song. The intricate interplay between guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard lends further beauty to the track, demonstrating the band's impressive musical cohesion.

These five releases offer a diverse and captivating range of musical experiences, each with its distinct style and emotional depth. From introspective and philosophical explorations to energetic and angsty expressions, these tracks showcase the creative brilliance of the artists behind them, making them worthy additions to any music lover's playlist.

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